Headlight Restoration Demo 1 - flyingchipmunk photography
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McKee's 37 All In One Headlight Restoring Polish

McKee's 37 All In One Headlight Restoring Polish

Product testing. This was a very damaged set of headlights to expect an all-in-one product to work miracles, but this is a good showing of what it can accomplish. Meguiar's red foam cutting pad was used on 3" pneumatic rotary, product worked 5 passes.

On the lower part of headlight where the OEM UV coating wasn't broken down it did return a good amount of clarity. It "darkened" the look a little compared to what Plastx does. After thorough wipe down it left something on the lens that Plastx does not, almost a little oily. If the lens is to be coated with a UV protectant (not just a UV lotion/spray) I highly recommend a stripper/cleaner before coating. At the very least an IPA wipe down should be done.

As an all-in-one I did not expect the pitting and surface damage to be leveled out, but I was very impressed with the amount of correction on the surface scratch on the lower right. It did about a 75% correction. Happily impressed with that cut ability.